Benefit from local monitoring in our area's only UL-listed monitoring station. You'll get faster response times from people who care.

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FleeNet is the latest advance in home and commercial security, the best way to keep you safe. Phone lines can be cut by intruders or disrupted by lightning. Cellular—based systems depend on cell signal consistency. Don't depend on this for your safety.Who wants to rely on those? With FleeNet, your call for help gets to Fleenor in seconds. 12 times faster than ever.

FleeNet® is a fast, reliable, highly dependable digital security network. It's private and dedicated, which means that your signal's only competition is other signals from FleeNet® subscribers. In fact, your alarm signal generally reaches the central station in five seconds or less.

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Fleenor Security Systems Honored by Angie’s List Again

Posted Feb 03, 2015

What do YOU think?  That’s what’s important.

Posted Jan 29, 2015

“Arrested,” and happy about it!

Posted Aug 06, 2014


We've assembled all of them for you.

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